CBB’s Jeremy McConnell has a 10-INCH PENIS that once put someone in hospital

“He gets it out all the time – he’s very proud of it”

Jeremy McConnell Cooke CBB

by Emmeline Saunders |

Celebrity Big Brother’s Jeremy McConnell got himself into hot water this week when his flirtation with the not-single Stephanie Davis moved into smooching-under-the-covers territory – but his best mate says he’d never intentionally go after someone with a boyfriend.

heat spent a very funny half-hour talking to Jezza’s housemate Ray Quinlan all about the CBB star – and his enormous schlong – to find out what exactly is going on between him and Steph.

“It’s a mixture of friendly flirtation, he does like her and is attracted to her,” reckons Ray.

Jeremy McConnell Stephanie Davis CBB

“In those close quarters it’s more intense. He wouldn’t generally go after somebody with a boyfriend and he’d try not to, but if the girl is all over him then he would go there.”

And speaking of girls, Ray confessed he and Jeremy do keep a running score of their conquests – and Jezza’s is nearly at the 1,000 mark.

ONE THOUSAND. ONE THOUSAND HUMAN WOMEN. Just to put that in context, at 25, that means Jeremy has slept with 111 people a year since he legally became sexually active. That’s one new bed partner EVERY THREE DAYS, every year, for nine years. The man is BUSY.

“His room is next to mine and the walls are like paper, so when Jeremy’s entertaining you can guess the flow of what’s going on,” says Ray.

“So he tells the girl, ‘pet the wolf, pet the wolf [the tattoo on his torso]’. He’ll come into my den starkers and expect a round of applause.”

Jeremy McConnell CBB bath

Ah yes, Jeremy’s body. Don’t worry, dear reader – heat was nothing if not determined to uncover the truth about Jezza’s ’10-inch’ claims, but Ray confirms there’s no word of a lie.

“I see him naked all the time, he’s proud of his body. He’s not lying when he says he’s 10 inches. He’s a big lad.

“One girl ended up messaging him the next day from A&E thinking he’d ruptured her appendix. She was OK, it was just a strain or something. He gets his willy out all the time – I saw him showing it to Darren Day in the house the other day.”


CBB's Stephanie Davis' body transformation


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