CBB’s Lewis Bloor demands Himilayan salt and coconut oil and he’s going to KICK OFF if he doesn’t get them


Lewis Bloor

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There are a number of reasons why being in the Celebrity Big Brother house would piss us off – snoring housemates, no privacy, showering on camera, Katie Waissel, etc etc. But being without our Wholefoods essentials doesn't rank that high (though it does rank, obvs).

But ensuring he stays faithful to overpriced 2016 food trends seems to be Lewis Bloor's number one priority, as he's stated that if he doesn't get his Himalayan salt and coconut oil he will KICK OFF (in so many words).

Lewis Bloor
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We're NGL, we're actually kinda with him here. Himalayan salt is tasty AF. And coconut oil just has SO MANY USES, GUYS.


Speaking to CBB bosses before he entered the house, he said that he'd be pissed off if one of the housemates wasn't getting stuck into a task when a luxury shopping budget is at stake.

He said: "I need my Himalayan salt; I need my coconut oil. So there's going to be fireworks mate. I'm going to have to tell 'em."

Fair enough, Lewis.

But if the worst does happen and he has to use regular salt and, God forbid, sunflower oil, we hope he has something to distract him from this tragedy.

Lewis Bloor
©Channel 5

And it's looking like this distraction could be in the form of Marnie Simpson (who apparently has the best looking vagina in Newcastle), as Ricky Rayment (her ex and Lewis' old co-star) has said that they've ALREADY hooked up.

Speaking to Mirror Celeb, he said: "I wouldn't be surprised if (they hook up), I'm sure they've had a fling before. I won't be watching.


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