CBB: Lewis Bloor got his PENIS OUT and then WON himself immunity

Did you see Lewis Bloor strip naked whilst trying to get in a donkey? WE DID

lewis bloor

by Hannah Mellin |
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We all know Lewis Bloor is one fine specimen of a man, all floppy hair, Jordan Belfort-esque suits and flirty lingo.

So when he willingly stripped completely NAKED to get into a donkey suit (oh the irony) as part of a task, our weekend got a whole load better.

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Even old Marns was shocked and she's seen Gaz Beadle's infamous parsnip.

Lewis Bloor Celebrity Big Brother PENIS

*heatworld *has been like PENIS HEAVEN this week. We were blown away by Love Island god Alex Bowen's absolutely ENORMOUS peen that genuinely nearly broke the internet (and Olivia Buckland, lol) and we had Stephen Bear's saucy Skype er, weirdness?

And now we've got Lewis Bloor showing his lil fella to MILLIONS OF PEOPLE JUST CHILLIN' AT HOME.

We're pretty sure our nan even tuned in.

WARNING, THESE SNAPS ARE NSFW - even though it was unwittingly SLUNG in our face.


Lewis Bloor Celebrity Big Brother PENIS



lewis bloor

Luckily for Lewis, Secret Boss Christopher Biggins unwittingly saved him from the show's first eviction on Friday - by swilling him with a glass of water.

Biggens believes he is the secret boss with the power to nominate housemates that he finds well annoying. However, he's unaware that everyone is in on the joke and ALL the people he selects are immune from eviction.

Just as well really, as we may get to see even more of the schlong.

Here's hoping Marnie liked what she saw, because we currently have a wager on them getting fruity VERY SOON.

She recenty admitted: "Lewis is really handsome isn't he, do you not think?"

lewis bloor


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