CBB: Marnie Simpson faceplants a TREE in meltdown after Lewis Bloor’s eviction

Poor Marns

Marnie Simpson

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Did you catch last night's Celebrity Big Brother? NO? Then you're in for a right good few minutes as we relay the BIZARRE deets following the eviction night.

Lewis Bloor, owner of an enormous shlong, was the ill-fated celeb who got the boot on Friday night, much to the dismay of his Big Brother lover, Marnie Simpson.

Lewis Bloor

As Marnie got emotional and everyone rallied to her side, there were some proper tense moments where we weren't sure what the hell was going to kick off.


Once Lewis had said his goodbyes and was freed into the outside world, the housemates were comforting her on the couch.

"I just know he wanted it so much," she sobbed, followed by the others telling her that it was now up to her to 'bear the torch'.

We're not quite sure when surviving an eviction in the Big Brother house became an Olympic challenge, but sure. We'll go with it.

Stephen Bear, the 'lowest paid housemate' according to reports, was less than impressed with the reaction from the house, and did a lot of deep sighing in his pink Hawaiian shirt with his blond locks.

Stephen Bear

Anyone else think he's looking very WHAM atm?

Anyway, Bear couldn't keep his thoughts to himself and shouted across to them, "I don't know why everyone's crowding her, you're the ones that put him up … you're the reason why he's gone!"

Oh, Bear.

Marnie, in her shock at her lover's eviction, had a chat with Bear in the garden before becoming so distraught that she actually mounted one of the palm trees and goes flying into the ground.

Um. Okay.

Marnie Simpson

A concerned Big Brother called her to the diary room where she cried because Lewis was gone and the others were still in there, scoffing down some pasta.

Them's the rules of the game, Marnie, love. But next time you're annoyed, please leave the trees out of it.

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