CBB’s Renee Graziano and Aubrey O’Day STAB FRANKIE IN THE BACK

Are the Americans divided?

Frankie Grande

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We thought US national pride was at an all-time high last night when Frankie Grande said emotionally to Aubrey O'Day and Renee Graziano: "You've made HISTORY. Two Americans have never made it to the final."


But it appears cracks may be starting to show in their little clique, as Renee and Aubrey have had a mega bitch about him.

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It was about his perpetual singing, so we were soooooo with them there.

We would be LIVID.

While they're in the bedroom (and Frankie's barbling can be heard in the background) Renee said: "It drives me f*cking nuts. I tell you I would never date a singer."

Aubrey O'Day CBB
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Aubrey then replied: "It's hard 'cause I'm a singer and I don't wanna judge singing all the time."

Renee then said what we've literally thought all our lives about people who won't STFU with their singing: "A lot of people like to sing a lot. It drives me nuts."


Renee Graziano

Later on, when chatting to Marnie Simpson in the bedroom, Marnie asks her if anyone has got on her nerves.

She then throws some SEEERIOUS shade Frankie's way.

Renee: "Hmmmm. Not everyone. No names mentioned, there's probably three people who haven’t gotten on my nerves. And not all of them are American."


But it appears Frankie hasn't been getting on his sis Ariana Grande's nerves, as she's just called on about 3949 billion British fans to save him in tonight's DOUBLE EVICTION.

Incorporating the sad Snapchat filter (classic) Ariana called on her "UK babes" to help him.

She said: "I need you to help my brother, he's up for eviction so I need you to help because he's my brother and I love him."

She accompanied all this with a screenshot of the number to call to vote for him, while telling fans: "I love you and I appreciate it. Y'all are family so come through."

See the outcome of her sneaky lil plot from 9pm on Channel 5 tonight.

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