CBB: Renee Graziano’s bum implants nearly KILLED HER


renee graziano celebrity big brother

by Hannah Mellin |
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The Mob Wives star has one lovely peach, like it's totally mesmerising, round and pert.

We could look at it ALL DAY LONG.

However, it came at a price and nearly cost her life.

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During a frank chat about cosmetic surgery with the iconic Sam Fox, Renee happily showed off her enhanced bum and spoke candidly about the time it very nearly killed her after she contracted MRSA.

renee graziano celebrity big brother

The reality star was struck down with the infection soon after the surgery, that 'eats you alive' and was rushed to hospital after her friend spotted 'blood everywhere'.

She said: "My mum came in and said ‘my daughter can’t see – she can’t hear, she can’t see – call 911 now.

"They called 911 I said ‘mum I’m dying, I know it, please sign my parental rights. They took my son away they read me my last rites a few times – I’ve been through some shit."

Clearly not too put off by her ordeal, Renee later revealed that she had vaginoplasty.

Basically meaning making your vadge more tight.

"I had vaginal tightening just recently and I had the worse pain in my whole life.

"The night after sex I wondered what was wrong."

She added: "I slept with the same guy just to see if it was working and I felt the same - if there's a way to fix it, I am doing it."

She's also had a body lift - a surgical procedure designed to remove loose skin - as well as a bum lift AND tummy tuck.

Whatever floats your boat.

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