CBB’s Renee Graziano compared Stephen Bear to cancer and viewers AREN’T HAPPY

Seriously, Renee?

Renee Graziano

by Polly Foreman |
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This series of Celebrity Big Brother has been so bloody stressful that we're actually kind of relieved it's ending. Obviously we're distraught we'll no longer know WTF to do with our evenings, but we really don't think our nerves can take much more.

This week in particular has been tense AF. In the words of Ricky Norwood, why oh why can't they all just get along for the last week?

Ricky Norwood EastEnders

On Wednesday's episode, things KICKED OFF between Renee Graziano, Aubrey Day and Stephen Bear for about the millionth time this series.

In a nutshell, Renee hid his mask (we all know how much he loves that mask), Aubrey squared up to him, and he ended up sat alone looking sad in the garden.

And last night was pretty much the same.

Bear was trying to "kill with kindness" and made them a really weird but kinda adorbs heart shaped breakfast. It was basically toast with a heart cut out and filled in with beans. It was actually quite artistic.


But they WERE NOT impressed and threw away his masterpiece. The atmosphere was rilly tense, basically.

And things went from bad to worse after Renee came out with some truly shocking comments about Bear.

First, she made the really quite scary assertion that she hopes "one day someone will teach him a lesson," clarifying that she means the kind of lesson people "she knows" would teach.

She's a Mob Wife.


She then compared him to cancer during a chat show task, saying: "It’s something I’ve struggled with at time with the negative thoughts with Bear, so I have a hard time being positive with such a negative person…

Renee Graziano

"I once heard if it’s cancer sometimes you have to cut it out."

Bear then said: "I feel very bad because I was compared to cancer," and she attempted to deny her comments were about him.

Stephen Bear

But she later confirmed it was Bear she was referring to, saying to Aubrey: "His soul is so ugly. It’s horrible. He’s cancer. He’s the worst form of cancer. He gets you from your head to your toes."

Predictably, viewers were naaaat happy about her words, and took to Twitter to vent.

And some pointed out that she'd previously made controversial comments about bisexual people, claiming they "have to pick a side".

Lovely of you to tell the population what they "have" to do with their lives, Renee. We're sure bisexuals all over the country will be "picking a team" to please you.

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