Saira Khan’s husband slams Marnie Simpson’s ‘victimising’ behaviour on CBB

He says he's had sleepless nights :'(

Saira Khan

by Natasha Preskey |
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"Go into the Celebrity Big Brother house," some nice producers told Saira Khan (we're guessing)."It's just some sitting around in a house," they said.

There has been a fair amount of sitting around on *CBB *this year, obvs, but there's also been a sort-of fire, some terrible poetry from Heavy D, err, dog sperm chat and that time Marnie Simpson shoved her boobs in an unsuspecting Saira's face. Eek.

marnie saira

Unsurprisingly, Saira's husband of 12 years, Steve Hyde, wasn't too chuffed about this unwanted face/boob action and said he feels "helpless" watching his wife in the house.

Speaking on Loose Women today, he said: "It's been tough on lots of different levels. Some of the bullying she was victim to... You're so helpless.

"It's been difficult watching her get a bit victimised."

loose women

And, get the tissues ready for this one, but Saira Khan's five and eight year old kiddies don't know their mum's on CBB and are "missing her".


"They think Mummy is away filming, " Steve revealed. "Normally she can ring them so they're finding it a bit puzzling."


Steve looked understandably awks when the convo turned to boob-gate.

He said: "That was really low. I didn't like that. The point where she ended up...

"It's not just a generational gap, it's a behavioural gap."

The Geordie Shore star's indiscretion sparked 79 complaints to OFCOM and many accused her of bullying the 46 year old.

Saira has been visibly emosh this week after also clashing with Heavy D and Stephen Bear and her hubby has found it tough to stay tuned.

steve hyde

He said: "I was surprised that she cracked. I think she was put under a lot of pressure very early on.

"Her way of operating is trying to understand people. Some of them have taken it the wrong way.

"I've had sleepless nights. I keep waking up at 3am in the night going, "Aargh"."

Someone make the poor bloke a camomile tea.

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