Exclusive! CBB’s Speidi discuss possibility of a sex tape :O

Speidi have some BIG plans for this year


by Polly Foreman |
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We've got to hand it to Celebrity Big Brother – it's doing a bloody wonderful job of washing away our sad, cold January blues.

We've had Ray J chatting about Kim Kardashian's sex tape, FITLORD Calum Best, a brewing love triangle, and Ray J's reaction to Jedward's arrival in the house ("are they joking?").

AND Stacy Francis was saying some veeeeeery nawty things about Brandon Block last night.

GREAT series so far.

And, of course, Speidi (Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag) are BACK and making everyone just a little bit anxious and uncomfortable.

Those who want to see EVEN MORE of Speidi and are hankering for a sex tape (each to their own) should read on now – as Spencer discussed the possibility while speaking to heat before he entered the house.


"At one time, I talked to the guy who did Kim Kardashian’s tape [with Ray]," Spencer told us. "And the thing with the sex tape is that there’s no up-front money. If the internet wasn’t around and people were still buying DVDs then maybe. And the negativity? It’s tiresome. Heidi was like, 'Over my dead body!'"

Very fair, TBH.

Spencer also had some very contro views on the pair losing out to Rylan Clarke-Neal in 2013's series of CBB. "It’s not a joke. We technically won. I stand by the fact they rigged the show for him to win because they wanted him to be the new BB anchor. I am very happy for his success. I’m not a hater but the timing does look suspicious."


Erm. OK.

It was revealed at the CBB launch that Speidi are planning to introduce a baby Speidi into the world, and Spencer told us a babba could help them in their quest to get their own show.

He said: "I don’t believe our lives are entertaining enough to hold down a show. If you do one season and it doesn’t go well, then you’re done. You’ve failed. Maybe if Heidi was pregnant right now. I don’t know, there’s more fighting all the time with Rob and Blac [Chyna]. Heidi and I don’t fight. People want drama, they don’t want lovey-dovey. It’s hard to have an everyone-gets-along-type show."


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