CBB winner Stephen Bear says he’s ‘single’

Form an orderly queue, ladies…

Stephen Bear

by Polly Foreman |
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Stephen Bear pretty much singlehandedly delivered us the weirdest, messiest, most confusing and grossest series of Celebrity Big Brother EVER.

It was so bloody bonkers that it was subject to an actual campaign trying to actually ban it.

They failed, obv. Lol.

Bear emerged last Friday as the winner (to quite hefty boos from the crowd, which was kinda awk).

We're guessing the audience prob weren't pleased with the whole cheating on Lillie Lexie Gregg while in the house with Chloe Khan thing.

Chloe Khan Celebrity Big Brother

If you'll remember, they GOT. IT. ON in the pool, the bedroom AND THE LOO, while poor ol' Lil watched sadly from her sofa.

She then marched in to the house as part of a task to tell him off and provide literally the most excruciating bit of tele we have EVER seen.

Lillie Lexie Gregg

And now he's appeared on Loose Women (they all do eventually), and opened up about his relationship status.

Katie Price said to him: "You're quite like me in a lot of ways," and they bonded over the fact they both want 10 kids. They then made some extremely confusing and unsettling jibes about them having kids together, which we did not see coming at all.

And in amongst all the bants, Bear announced: "I'm single."

Stephen Bear


He then said: "What it is with Chloe, [she's the] nicest girl I've ever met in my whole life. Who knows what it might bring? I don’t want no-one else for now. We'll take it slow."

He then admitted: "The past two girls I've been with they've cheated on me. It's bang out of order. The last two birds I was with they do the dirty on me.

Stephen Bear

"Hopefully it works out and I get married.

"I want someone who's got my back. We've got each other's back through everything.”

Oh Bear, we do kinda weirdly love you.

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