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We’ll admit with all their fad diets and personal trainers, there’s something oddly satisfying about seeing a bunch of celebs chowing down and stuffing their faces, just like the rest of us.

That’s why we've pulled together a gallery of ravenous stars gobbling their grub. But also, this got us thinking, which glitzy celebrity would you most like to share a meal with? Well, luckily, our very dear friends at JUST-EAT.co.uk – the online takeaway – have surveyed 43,000 Brits to find out just that!

So what did they find? Would you like to have a chicken tikka with Mika? How about a doner with Madonna? Or maybe just have a sausage roll with Cheryl Cole?

In third place was Jessica Alba – at least there would be plenty of leftovers, as Jess is so slim, she probably won’t need much to fill her tummy!

After that was Leonardo DiCaprio, who came in second place, the leading man from The Wolf of Wall Street is certainly hungry for an Oscar, so we reckon he’d have a champion’s appetite.

Finally, trumping the polls was Hollywood’s Mr. nice guy, Will Smith. Who can blame you? The Fresh Prince always had a penchant for Philadelphia Cheesesteak, so we know he loves his grub. And who couldn’t love that face, eh?

Will Smith
Will Smith

Other celebs appearing in the survey for your ideal dining partner were Ben Affleck, Jason Statham, Channing Tatum and Ryan Gosling - forget the food, we’d happily eat most of those lads alive! YUM.

JUST EAT also delved into what you look for in a perfect partner, whether that's a spicy personality, a lean bod that’s low in fat, or, erm, being oily. Yeah, we're not surprised that didn't score too high; just 1% of you opted for someone oily.

The JUST EAT posse also asked lots of Brits how they like their sausages (we prefer to have ours in a sarnie with some tomato ketchup, obvs) but they had some really unusual and hilarious answers…

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