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After making quite the entrance on launch night and stunning her son Calum Best with her unexpected arrival on CBB’s 19th season, Angie Best has taken on the role of house lifestyle coach.

Her appearance at the Borehamwood Bungalow left viewers hopeful she would dish on her marriage to the late football legend, George Best, and cast a watchful eye over Calum.

She soon clashed with housemate Coleen Nolan after highlighting how Coleen’s smoking habit was toxic, claiming she wasn’t surprised: "your body can’t get into a positive mode."

A shocked Coleen retaliated with a passive aggressive joke saying, "I’m going to smash your face in, in a moment."

Cue nervous laughter.


With her son tipped to win the whole show, can Angie shock the bookies and snatch the title?

We want to know more about the woman behind the Best boys.

Here we go!

Who is Angie Best?

Angie Best is an English model and former London Playboy bunny, as well as a celebrity personal trainer who coached stars such as Cher and Priscilla Presley.

How old is Angie Best?

Angie is 64 and she was born on July 26, 1952.

Who was she married to?

Angie is the ex-wife of late Manchester United football icon George Best. The pair met at a dinner party in Los Angeles in 1975 and moved to London where they married three years later in 1978.

They welcomed their son, Calum, in 1981 before splitting in 1986 due to instances of domestic violence and George’s increasing abuse of alcohol, after six years of marriage.

In 2002 she wrote an autobiography entitled George and Me: My Autobiography, where she detailed their marriage and noted how she continued to support George post-divorce.


What modelling has Angie done?

At 19, Angie was signed by Petal Modelling Agency and began modelling for fashion brand Corchella in New York, where her apartment was situated in the same building as John Lennon and Greta Garbo.

Nope. We’re not jealous at all.

What else has Angie Best done?

After relocating to Los Angeles, Angie went back full time to her fitness career as a trainer starting up her own training brand, Best Bodies. She was soon teaching women everywhere how to feel the burn as she began producing and starring in her own workout DVDs.

Angie then went on to become an author, writing a series of books for women over 40 including one about menopause called A Change For the Best.

You go girl!

Is Angie Best close to her son?

Previously speaking of their relationship on Loose Women, Angie explained how she left Malibu and gave up everything to return to England and take care of her son who had developed drinking habits reminiscent of his father.

Calum was met with the shock of his life when he saw his own mum walk down the bungalows famous stairs as a fellow contestant.


But when housemate Spencer Pratt identified Angie as a “major threat” and suggested choosing to “edit her out” Calum authoritatively leapt to his mum’s defence saying: “No we’re not.”



We wonder what she thinks of Calum’s sparking romance with Jasmine Waltz, and whether her presence means he’ll be on his best behaviour...


Can we follow Angie Best on Twitter?

You can find Angie on Twitter here: @AngieBest

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