Celebrity Big Brother: Michelle Visage is WELL jel that Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton are getting along

We didn’t see this coming either…


by Rosie Gizauskas |
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We’re nearing the end of Celebrity Big Brother and the prisoners housemates are starting to do some odd things.

Like make friends with one another. Yes, we’re talking about Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton.


    There’s a clear case of Stockholm Syndrome going on with the two, who have suddenly started to be nice to each other, purely because they have been forced to live together for such a long time that their brains have started to go a bit weird, or something.

    In tonight’s episode, the pair are suddenly being so chummy that Katie’s BFF forever and ever, Michelle Visage, actually gets quite grumpy and jealous! Oooh.

    Perez and Katie Hopkins are having a silly conversation about boobs in the kitchen, and it GETS to Michelle.

    She tells Calum Best: “It goes against everything she says!”

    Calum observes: “You never know really how f***ing people really are, what they’re here for. People could be properly cut throat to win.”

    He adds: “People that want to win that bad, you’ll see they’ll switch and turn and make things work for them.”

    Michelle then wonders if Katie and Perez are being nice because it’s a task (sorry guys, it isn’t).

    Michelle reasons her thinking as: “That’s how crazy I think it is. That’s how out of character I think it is!”

    Later in the diary room, Katie Hopkins remarks that it “really grates” on Michelle that she’s speaking terms with Perez.

    She adds, “For the first time probably in the house, I’m identifying with Perez… alarming.”


      Celebrity Big Brother is on tonight, 9pm, Channel 5.

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