People are accusing CBB of copying Love Island after their new trailer

There’s some preeeetty dramatic similarities


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Here at heatworld, we make no secret of the fact that we are MASSIVE reality TV fans, like… massive. We still have a deep, dark void in our lives since Love Island finished, and we don’t quite know what to do with ourselves until Celebrity Big Brother starts next week.

Sure, there’s been some rivalry between the two shows, and its no secret that Love Island absolutely thrashed the latest series of BB in the viewing figures battle. But we love both programmes for different reasons. Love Island is full of pool floats, sunshine and romps in the hideaway, and BB is known for arguments, gross tasks and crying in the diary room.

At least, that’s what we thought… until CBB released their latest trailer, and things looked PRETTY different.

Take a look for yourselves:

The new trailer has more than a few not too subtle nods to the Majorca villa, as it features a massive swimming pool, a summer tune and a Scottish voiceover guy instead of the legendary Marcus Bentley.... (wtf?!)

Could these dramatic changes be down to their lag in the ratings battle?

In the video, the voiceover guy who sounded suspiciously like Iain Stirling, as he read: “Hounded by paps, selfie snaps, bossy PA, get away, red carpet style, miracle weight loss, latest goss, break internet, entourage in tow, new beau, make up a baby name, surgical implants, twitter tantrums, reduce implants, public apology…it’s a tough gig being a celeb.

“They deserve a place to unwind, away from the cameras and where is this season’s hottest star retreat.. Celebrity Big Brother.”


Eh? Since when has Big Brother branded itself as a “retreat?" We see it more as a celebrity torture chamber where we can watch our fave stars squirm as they do ridiculous tasks (remember Katie Price and Katie Hopkins dressed up as a 'Katie monster' a couple of years ago?!).

But the biggest shocker came when the trailer zoomed in on three inflatable letters reading 'CBB' in a pool.

We mean, COME ON GUYS, do you wanna make this any more obvious?!!?

And we're not the only ones who have noticed it. Since the trailer’s release social media has absolutely BLOWN UP with people noticing the similarities.

LOL. What are your thoughts about the new trailer? Feel free to drop us a tweet over at @heatworld.

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