Gemma Collins opens up about Celebs Go Dating bae Laurence on Loose Women

Are they offish?

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Gemma Collins appeared on Loose Women today to speak about her Celebs Go Dating bae Laurence - and it doesn't look like good news for the maybe-couple.

She revealed that the pair are just good friends at the moment, and that she isn't sure if he's 'the one'.

Gemma said: "We’ve become great friends since doing the show. It’s nice to be round an old fashioned man".

Gemma Collins

And when pressed about their relationship status, Gemma continued: "I dunno. I just think… I’ve waited all this time in my life for the one, and if you meet the one you should know. And as much as I like Laurence I don’t know ."

Gemma then added: "I was looking for love I still am looking for love.

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"I really really adore Laurence but I’ve only known him five minutes. How can I sit there and go I’m in love".

And Laurence, who was awkwardly sat in the audience throughout this entire exchange, said: "I like that about Gemma. She keeps me on my toes. Who knows what the future holds?"


And when she was asked if the pair were living together, Gemma said: "Not yet" - so maybe there could be hope for the couple yet?

Gemma collins

However, after a long discussion about how they all think Gemma would end up with Arg, Gemma said: "You are the most wonderful man, and I’m so happy. You are just an amazing man.", then added that any woman who ended up with him was lucky.

So we're not holding out much hope, tbh.

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