Chantelle Connelly apparently got ‘banned’ from a Geordie Shore advert

Oh, hun

Chantelle Connelly

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Chantelle Connelly has had a bit of a bloody mare recently. First she got dumped by her boyfriend Tommy Sayers via the medium of Facebook just days after getting his name tattooed ON HER NECK.

Luckily they got back together a little while later, so the neck tattoo is safe. For now.

Chantelle Connelly

It also emerged that she was LEAVING Geordie Shore and said she wouldn’t piss on her former friends if they were on fire. Sweet.

And she was apparently told not to turn up to the filming of an advert with the Geordie Shore cast after having a barny with them. They probably heard about the whole not pissing on them thing…

Chantelle Connelly


According to a report by The Sun, MTV bosses “banned” her from a huge publicity shoot last week.

We’re not entirely surprised she’s not getting on swimmingly with her castmates – as she and her BF previously maybe hinted that the show was SET UP.

Chantelle Connelly

In one of Tommy’s many, many (many) Facebook rants about Chantelle (literally, is he 12?), he penned the line: "As for people keep messeging asking if I know about her and Gary beadle (gaz) kissing, yeah I already new, I new it was going to happen, and as for gaz acting as if he pulled her he never, he only kissed her because I let him the skinny little prick."

Was Gaz Beadle kissing Chantelle SET UP FOR THE SHOW? Is Geordie Shore a LIE?

Cry cry.

Meanwhile, her (former) castmate Marnie Simpson hinted that she still had feelings for Aaron Chalmers and that returning to Geordie Shore could put her relationship with fellow CBB housemate Lewis Bloor in jeopardy.

She said: "I don’t even know if I want to put myself in that situation because even the way I feel about Lewis, there’s also an ex boyfriend on there who I’ve always had feelings for and just being that environment when I’m drunk. I don’t know what I’m doing when I’m drunk. You’ve heard the crazy shit I’ve done."


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