Is Chantelle Connelly saying that Geordie Shore is set up?

And does she regret leaving now?

Chantelle Connelly

by Georgina Terry |
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When Chantelle Connelly came into Geordie Shore we thought she was an excellent fit for the gaping one-liners and taking zero shit hole left by Vicky Pattison.

And her work throughout series 12 was sterling, especially leading Scotty T a merry dance and giving Marty McKenna zero time of day.

But she quit during filming of series 13 and well and truly burned her bridges on her way out, saying she wouldn't piss on her former friends if they were on fire.

Geordie Shore Chantelle Connelly Scotty T

And now both she and her (former?) boyfriend seem to be saying that the show is set up.

You remember how we reported that Chantelle had been dumped by the boy she (in part) left Geordie Shore for, Tommy Sayers?

Come on, guys. It was literally yesterday.

He has gone on another Facebook rant saying that ranting on Facebook is cringe (we know) but also confirming that he's single.

Tommy Sayers

So far, so sad.

However, Chantelle seems to directly contradict this, saying: "Wow papers talk some shite like ! Only 2 days ago they said I was engaged and now am dumped make Ya minds up will Ya"

She also posted to Facebook a snap of her and Tommy from Snapchat seeming to imply that they are together (keep up).

Chantelle Connelly

Tommy then posted to Facebook again saying that they HAD split but kind of ranting again about Chantelle promoting a dessert delivery service – a rival to the one he's launching.

Tommy Sayers

So are they together or not? Is Chantelle already booking an appointment with fit Jay Hutton from Tattoo Fixers to get that neck tatt of Tommy's name removed?

Or was it a fake all along?

And, if Tommy and Chantelle are no more, is Chantelle now regretting leaving the show that made her famous?

Moving on, reading Tommy's Facebook rant, our eyes were drawn to this: "as for people keep messeging asking if I know about her and Gary beadle (gaz) kissing, yeah I already new, I new it was going to happen, and as for gaz acting as if he pulled her he never, he only kissed her because I let him the skinny little prick."

So, is Tommy suggesting that Chantelle and Gaz kissing was a set up for the show? Is everything we think we know about Geordie Shore a LIE?

Chantelle Connelly Chloe ferry

Speaking of which, Chantelle seems to imply that Chloe Ferry was totally cool with Chantelle going for Scotty T, saying: "Let's jus state @Chloe_GShore told me a million times off camera to go there with Scott as she knew @Marty_GShore was coming in the house !!

Which would make Chloe's beef with Chantelle perhaps nothing more than a ploy for screen-time. Ouch.

We just don't know what to believe anymore. About anything.

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