Charlotte Crosby CRIES on Celebrity Juice after Gary Beadle drama

Don’t cry Char :(

charlotte crosby

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Charlotte Crosby broke down in tears on Celebrity Juice after being asked about her and Gary Beadle's relationship.

The Geordie lass was on Celebrity Juice last night (Thursday 31 March) when she suddenly welled up after Keith Lemon quizzed her for "an exclusive" on the recent drama.

The ITV2 show was filmed on Wednesday night – just hours after we reported her Twitter rant about Gary asking a girl back to his hotel for a party and denying any kind of contact with Charlotte.

Instead, he took to Snapchat to explain himself rather than do it face-to-face with Charlotte.

On Juice, Keith asked what was going on in the recent series of Geordie Shore… and then things went a bit Pete Tong…

"What about you and Gaz? That's a Ross and Rachel affair innit? Will they, won't they, will they, won't they?" he asked Charlotte.

Char then got a bit bright-eyed and croakily explained that she "doesn't wanna talk about it".

"Oh shit, is that real?" Keith replied.


Fellow member of the panel Caroline Flack gave her sympathy, admitting she "used to cry" watching her and Gary's multiple break-ups in the house. Then unlikely giver-of-advice Gino DiCampo adds: "I always thought you were too good for him."

Before Charlotte could ruin her makeup with any more tears, Caroline told Keith to go over and give Char a hug. Aww.

The notoriously crude show then went back to its usual ways and Charlotte was later being tickled by a Japanese business man while trying to tie Keith's shoe laces. As you do.

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