Is Charlotte Crosby dating FITLORD model Ash Harrison?

Meanwhile, Gary Beadle posts throwback snap of her

Charlotte Crosby

by Georgina Terry |
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Charlotte Crosby has made no secret of hating being single lately.

So this news that she may be dating hot model Ash Harrison is pretty thrilling.

Ash and Char have apparently been stepping out since they hung out in Manchester on Saturday 23 July.

Ash contacted our Geordie princess on Twitter, as is the modern way, suggesting they get together.

And it seems as though Char took him up on his offer and it went swimmingly as they are thought to be still seeing each other.

"Ash seen on Twitter she was up in Manchester with her girls the other week and got in touch and they’ve been inseparable since. They’re having fun and are seeing each other again soon," a source told The Sun.

Could they be talking about each other in these cryptic tweets?

Ash posted:

And Char said:

At the same time, Gary Beadle posted this throwback snap of Charlotte to Instagram:

It's almost like he knows when Charlotte is moving on, isn't it?

He's changed his tune from when he seemed to imply that he had his worst sexual experience with Char. Boo.

If Char and Ash are courting, he wouldn't be the first model she's dated. Remember when she briefly played tonsil tennis with Max Morley?

We were quite into Max until he started being unnecessarily mean about Zara Holland when she was in Love Island.

Hopefully Ash is a bit more of a gentleman. And he can't be worse than Gaz, can he? CAN HE?

Mind you, a bin bag would probably be a better boyfriend than Gaz. And you could use it as a handy cape if you were caught in a shower.

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