Charlotte Crosby admits ‘constant’ attention is pushing her towards a ‘mental breakdown’

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Charlotte Crosby is one of the most successful Geordie Shore originals, with her very own clothing and make-up lines, best-selling fitness DVDs and countless books under her belt.

Whether she's filming her own fly-on-the-wall TV show The Charlotte Show, or presenting Just Tattoo Of Us, it never seems to stop for the former Geordie Shore star.

But while it might appear to be all fun and games from the outside, Charlotte has admitted that it's taking its toll on her mental health.

Speaking to The Sun, the star said, “I need to slow it down soon or else I am going to have a mental breakdown.

“It is really, really hard. The Charlotte Show gets filmed over three months and the cameras are constant.

“The minute I wake up the cameras are in the bedroom and the moment I got to bed, they leave.

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Charlotte Crosby's sexiest selfies

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“There’s a lot of pressure — I didn’t expect it to be this hard."

As The Charlotte Show delves into her private life, the fitness guru says it can be "intrusive" and has caused huge bust-ups between her and boyfriend Joshua Ritchie.

At one point the fights got so bad, the camera crew were forced to intervene.

"One time we were arguing ­solidly for three hours and in the end the camera crew from my show put down their cameras, sat us down and started counselling us," Charlotte admitted.

Luckily she's sorted her differences with Joshua and they're happier than ever - but Charlotte still isn't content.

The Geordie lass has also revealed that while she's now a multi-millionaire, she's "addicted" to fame and success and feels she can never achieve enough.

“You think, ‘When I get this, this and this, then I’ll be happy’ but I’ve got it all now," she says.

“Now I am searching for the next big thing.

"I am always looking for something bigger to do. I am sending myself into an early grave."

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