Charlotte Crosby is forced to DEFEND her nose job on Loose Women

"It's my choice"

Charlotte Crosby Nose job

by Hannah Mellin |
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We all know about Charlotte Crosby's nose job – it was heat who revealed her brand new schnozz to the world – all shiny and new and she was buzzzzing with the results.

She had issues with her nose previously, lacking confidence because of self doubt and she thought long and hard about the decision to go under the knife.

She never kept her disdain for her old nose under wraps; pre-operation she was extremely vocal about hating her side profile and even said she used to turn the telly off because she hated how she looked so much.

So when Charlotte took a lil visit to Loose Women to discuss her UH-MAZING body transformation and the fact it was bloody hard work (including loads of discipline, trips to the gym as well has a helping hand from Botox, lip fillers and her nose job), she wasn't expecting so much agg.

Loose Women panelist Janet Street-Porter couldn't quite get her head around the 'hard work' that involved Charlotte getting plastic surgery and grilled the reality star about her decision to get it all done in the first place – especially as young girls look up to her and follow her every move.

Janet asked her: "Good luck to you, it's your choice, but what message does that send to teenage girls who watch your show, follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who might think, 'My nose has a lump in it but I haven't got £4,000 to change it'?

“Why didn’t you have counselling instead of moving things around?”

Charlotte seemed a little taken aback by the comments and it all went a bit awks.

But Char soon started to defend herself, as she replied that the 'hard work' she was referring to was towards her weight loss and fitness regime, as well as adding that it's not the best example to set, but "it was my choice at the end of the day".

Unfortunately for us all, the Gaz Beadle topic was strictly out of bounds but she DID say that they're definitely NOT together.

Watch Gaz and Charlotte battle it out against each other in Geordie Shore’s Big Birthday Battle tonight on MTV at 10pm.


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