Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby hits internet trolls right where it hurts

“Is there any need to say something so nasty?

Charlotte Crosby flips the bird

by Georgina Terry |
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Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore princess, has done something we’d NEVER recommend anyone do: read people’s tweets about her.

Don’t do it, Char! Oh, you have.

And it turns out that some people have been @ing Charlotte with some seriously shady messages.


So the Celebrity Big Brother winner has decided to hit back at the haters right where it hurts: by naming, shaming and replying to them via her video blog.

One particularly mean Twitter user messaged the reality TV poppet to say: “Charlotte’s boyfriend had the sense to dump her and move on. Wise choice."

To which Charlotte, who seems genuinely quite bewildered, replied: “Is there any need to say something so nasty?

“What is your problem with me?”

Before concluding, devastatingly: “I feel sorry for your friends.”


Another vicious internet user messaged Charlotte, saying that she’s the “worst” person to own a dog. Poor Char.

Screw the haterz!

After an impassioned defence of her treatment of Scramble and Egg, the* Geordie Shore* goldfish, Charlotte commented on the user’s Twitter profile pic, saying: “You’re stood next to the sea. I bet you wish you had a dog on a lead next to you.

“You’ve just gone for a walk. That’s embarrassing.”

Which is just one of the many reasons why we love her.

“To the haters,” concludes Char, “do something better with your time, please.”

Couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

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