Charlotte Crosby tells Louise Thompson to f*ck off over cosmetic criticism

We do love a reality TV crossover

Charlotte Crosby

by Georgina Terry |
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Uh-oh. Made In Chelsea's Louis Thompson and ex (sob) Geordie Shore Charlotte Crosby seem to be embroiled in an all-out war over cosmetic surgery / enhancements.

Louise appears to have thrown the first stone, saying not only that Charlotte's looks have changed dramatically but also that it's not good for fans who look up to her.


"It's really bad – and sad. I’ve never met her personally but it’s not a great image to portray to younger people that are fans.

"Geordie Shore has such a big audience and she was so cool, her personality was everything, and now she looks totally different," Louise told new! magazine.

But our Char is not one to take criticism lying down and hit back, via The Mirror, saying: "Louise puts make-up on her face. That’s quite sad.

“Is she not happy with the person she is? Bore the f*ck off."

Double ouch.

Louise is not the only person to feel Charlotte's wrath of late. She's compared Gary Beadle to a murderer in a recent interview, which seems pretty harsh but we can't help but love the honesty of her outpourings.

Geordie Shore fans got themselves all in a tizz last week when snaps emerged of Charlotte on holiday with Chloe Ferry and Holly Hagan. Sadly, they don't seem to be a guarantee of a return to the show that made her name.

She is, however, taking part in a new dating show that will see her paired up with members of the public. Somebody's Charlotte dreams could be about to come true.

Louise, meanwhile, seems to have bagged herself a new man.

And you can read all about him in this week's heat magazine, out now.

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