Charlotte Crosby mocked by trolls for claiming her lips are ‘natural’

Give her a break, guys!

Charlotte Crosby

by Joanna Freedman |
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Ex Geordie Shore star Charlotte Crosby has made a name for herself due to her crazily open personality.

Whether she’s revealing details about her sex life with Stephen Bear in her new book, Brand New Me, or she’s getting mortal on the toon and partying with fans, one thing we never had her down as was shy and retiring.

So, when we saw people kicking off at her on a recent Instagram she posted, we couldn’t quite believe the reason why.

In a couples holiday snap of her and Bear, Char commented “my lips are natural,” and the trolls were out in force.

One Insta user wrote: “No your lips are not natural they was not like that a couple of years ago we are not stupid.”

While another added: “I just don't get why you say they're real when there's photos online or if you even watch the first original eps of Geordie you don't have lips like that.

“No judgement, I'm all for making yourself feel/look better, but lying about it is kind of a joke. We don't need Kylie Jenner 2.0…”

Jeeez. Did any of you stop to think that Char was joking?! She's been pretty open about her lip fillers in the past, after all.

Speaking to her fans on Snapchat about the trolling, she said: “So I just did something funny, I just posted a picture and obviously everybody was going ‘your lips, your lips, oh my god, what has happened to your lips?’”

Charlotte then posted a screenshot of her comment claiming her lips were natural, before adding: “So if you want a good little laugh this Sunday afternoon, go on my picture and watch them all bite!”

LOL. We LOVE that Char can laugh at her trolls.

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