Charlotte Crosby: “There’s nothing wrong with my nose!”

The reality star hits back after reports emerge that her nose is “collapsing”

chralotte Crosby

by Anna Lewis |

Just one month ago, heat exclusively revealed the results of Charlotte Crosby’s nose job, but it seems not everyone on social media is as chuffed as the Geordie Shore star with her new look. Trolls have declared her nose “terrible,” “awful” and “piggy”, while some reports have even claimed that it looks like it’s collapsing.

Well, with Charlotte being the outspoken individual that she is, she wasn’t about to take that lying down, and promptly called heat from Australia – where she’s promoting the reality show – to let us know that everything is perfectly fine with her face.

“I’m pleased to say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with my post-op nose,” the 25 year old says. “I have no idea where these stories are coming from. Someone needs to get their eyes tested – obviously they’re spending too long over their keyboard, trolling.

“I’m well chuffed with my new nose – it’s perfectly fine. The only thing that’s been collapsing is me, after all the PAs I’ve been doing.”

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