Hang on – why has Charlotte Crosby got a pregnancy test in her handbag?

Something you want to tell us, Char?

Charlotte Crosby

by Georgina Terry |
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Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore princess, has done something very brave.

She's opened her handbag for the public to see.

And we couldn't help but wonder - why is Charlotte carrying a pregnancy test around with her?

And how could she not know it's in there before making the potentially embarrassing discovery?

Charlotte decided to lay the contents of her bag open on her YouTube channel{ =nofollow}, and the test wasn't the only questionable item to come to light.


She also pulled out: a hair extension, two pairs of knickers, both of them clean (yes, she did a sniff test), and a pot of vitamin C.

Plus the results of a food intolerance test - turns out she's sensitive to gluten which means no more hot dogs :( - a hair roller, deodorant and Vaseline which she helpfully informs us is for her lips "not penises".

As for the pregnancy test, Charlotte explained: "I must have been going through a bit of a worrying time when I didn't come on my period and you get two in a pack and this is the extra one.

"I don't have a boyfriend now, so I don't think it will be needed any time soon."

Err, good?

And it could have been more embarrassing.

Gary Beadle's first video for his YouTube channel exposed him as an actual criminal.

Small mercies, innit?

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