Charlotte Crosby reveals the reason why she could never live with Bear

We probably wouldn't either hun

Charlotte Crosby Stephen Bear

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Ultimate radgies Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear revealed exclusively to heat that they were in a relationship after endless cosy Snapchats and selfies while co-hosting TV show Just Tattoo Of Us, and they've been in their very own love bubble ever since.


From travelling all over the world together, talking about having babies to getting very crap matching tattoos (and we mean REALLY CRAP) – Char and Bear are very much the real deal.

Char even recently told MailOnline that Bear is the best boyf eva (waaaay better than Gary bloody Beadle): "He is definitely The One - and I am his One too!' 'He does loads of romantic things, too many to list. He’s always buying me little teddies and making me cups of tea."

So as Bear and Char clearly can't be apart from one another, surely, they should just move in together and make their a little love nest of their own? Right?

Wrong. Taking to Snapchat, Char, who only recently moved into her very swanky Geordie mansion, has made it clear that she will never move in with her boyf because he's just SO BLOODY MESSY. Oh and the fact that he has one of the creepiest bedroom decorwe've EVER SEEN.

Alongside a video of their very messy hotel room with clothes, towels, rubbish and loads more strewn all over the shop (it's giving us heart palpitations tbh) Charlotte said: "This is why me and Stephen should NEVER live together."

Charlotte Crosby Stephen Bear
Charlotte Crosby Stephen Bear

Or maybe just get a cleaner? You can definitely afford it love.


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