Charlotte Crosby says she’s ‘bored’ of Geordie Shore

But she’ll NEVER leave

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by Fiona Day |
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Panic in the hearts of Geordie Shore fans, for Charlotte Crosby has claimed that she is ‘bored’ of filming the reality show.

But don’t go hanging up your ‘mortal’ party shoes just yet, as the 25-year-old says she’ll ‘never’ leave the show. EVER.

That’s right, you can expect to see Charlotte piddling herself through many a night out and necking those jager bombs until she starts collecting her pension.

Even then she may continue.

She revealed to The Sun: “[I’m] bored of it every day... I sometimes feel like I'm not fun any more but everyone's loving this series.

Charlotte 'doesn't speak' to Gaz
Charlotte 'doesn't speak' to Gaz

"I'll never leave, it's my job."

Charlotte came under fire earlier today after she told the paper that she doesn’t speak to ex-boyfriend Gaz Beadle following their tumultuous on/off relationship.

She claimed that he ‘lied’ about still being with his current girlfriend despite also sleeping with her again.

She fumed: "I don't speak to that boy outside the house. That's not love. Gary could get into an accident now and break his neck. I don't care."

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