Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have ALREADY decided their baby names :o

Steady on, guys.

Charlotte Crosby Stephen Bear Just Tattoo Of Us

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In case you missed it, (how?!) reality TV stars Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear couldn’t be any more loved up.

They're moving in together, they're hosting the second series of Just Tattoo of Us as a couple, and they've even talked about having children…

Plus, in her latest biography, 'Brand New Me', Char might as well have been singing from the rooftops about how much she likes her new bf, while dishing out some raaather intimate details about their sex lives.

Would we expect anything less from her, really?

Charlotte Crosby Stephen Bear

But if you thought the two of them couldn’t move any faster, you thought wrong. Because now Charlotte has appeared on This Morning, and it turns out that she and Bear are planning some preeeetty serious stuff for their future already.

Yep, in a new confession on the famous sofa, Char admitted to Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that she and Bear had already decided names for their KIDS!

"I don't wanna be with anyone [else] ever again" she told them. "I've already thought of children's names…"

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear
©Instagram/Charlotte Crosby

Crikey. Things certainly are progressing quickly for the pair, aren’t they?

Brainstorming her favourite names with the This Morning hosts, she added: "This is a good one, Bobby Bear…Isn't that cute?"

It's super cute Char, although the thought of a baby Bear running around doesn't half scare us to death…

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Are Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear going on CBB as a COUPLE?!

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