Are Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear a…. couple?!

They look VERY cosy on Snapchat

Charlotte Crosby

by Stevie Martin |
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Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear are JUST FRIENDS okay? There's nothing going on between them. And, yeah, so what if they snapchat themselves in bed giggling? That's what friends do.

The clip, which was deleted by Bear immediately after, showed an apparently topless Charlotte and him tucked up in bed, cuddling. Don't know about you, but we always get naked with our friends in bed.

Lucky for you, we managed to grab screenshots of the vid, just to give you a taster of what's going on:

How friendly. There were also shots of Charlotte hiding under the covers, with just her hand showing, clutching her phone.

They've been pals for a while, often featuring on each other’s social media pages - with Charlotte recently telling heat mag: "We're just very good friends.

"We spend a lot of time together, but that was just filming 16 hours a day for Just Tattoo of Us.

"When we were filming, we were constantly play-fighting with each other, or doing something to wind each other up."

A source has also spoken out about the video, saying they were filming pick-ups for Just Tattoo Of Us: "Production had booked them rooms in the same hotel last night so they had food and watched TV together for a couple of hours which was when bear posted that snap. Charlotte was fully clothed under the covers."

That hasn't stopped fans on Twitter totally ignoring the facts and choosing to believe they're totally an item.

Personally we can't imagine her with anyone other than Gaz - what? No, nothing. We didn't say anything.


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