Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear have been snogging at a concert

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Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

by Polly Foreman |
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We don’t know about you, but we've spent WEEKS AND WEEKS trying desperately to work out whether or not Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear are a thing or not.

Six months ago, back when Bear was in the CBB house and being confronted by his girlfriend (and Gary Beadle's ex!) Lillie Lexie Gregg with a doughnut on his head, we'd have deemed this situation extremely unlikely.

stephen bear

But since then - Char and Bear got a TV show together, posted a huge amount of loved up selfies, bought HIS AND HERS JUMPERS, and Snapchatted a pic of them naked in bed.

Charlotte Crosby and Stephen Bear

So forgive us for being a bit suspicious.

And now it appears our hypothesis has been confirmed, as the pair were spotted snogging at an MTV event at Camden's Electric Ballroom in London.

We can't show you the pictures because another publication paid actual money for them, but we can certainly describe them.

There ain't no laws against descriptive wording.

Basically – Bear is in a hat, Charlotte is in a black dress, he has her hand on her hips, she has hers round his neck. And it looks really romantic.

There's also one of him kissing her cheek.


We like these two.

A source told The Sun: "Charlotte was all over Bear and he was absolutely loving it. They were inseparable.

"They spent a long time kissing in the middle of the crowd and had their arms wrapped around each other.

"At one point Stephen cheekily grabbed her bum, too."

Nawty Teddy Bear (as Chloe Khan would say).

This comes after Charlotte denied the romance, telling heat a few weeks ago: "We're just very good friends.

"We spend a lot of time together, but that was just filming 16 hours a day for Just Tattoo of Us.

"When we were filming, we were constantly play-fighting with each other, or doing something to wind each other up."



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