Charlotte Crosby’s complete transformation timeline

From Geordie Shore to The Charlotte Show

Charlotte Crosby

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Here at heatworld we've been borderline obsessed with Charlotte Crosby since she first hit our screens on Geordie Shore way back in 2011 (sidenote: we're officially old.)

Throughout all the Gaz Beadle dramas, Celebrity Big Brother shenanigans and the whole Stephen Bear split, it's safe to say we're more invested in Charlotte's life than we are our best mates'. So, with that in mind, we though we'd take a look back at her transformation over the years.

BELOW: Check out Charlotte Crosby's complete transformation timeline...


Charlotte Crosby Timeline

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July 2011

Charlotte on one of the first press tours for Geordie Shore!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore


Charlotte went to a fitness boot camp and takes a before pic to show her progress!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

April 2012

Charlottes first ever Instagram post, how much has she changed?!

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July 2012

#TashingOn - Nothing we haven't seen on Geordie Shore, eh Char?

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

March 2013

Oh look, Charlotte's dyed her hair again and she was back to being a brunette!

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22nd August 2013

Charlotte entered the Celebrity Big Brother House!

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September 2013

Charlotte left the Celebrity Big Brother house as the winner!We never doubted it!

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September 2014

Wow! She looks amazing! Charlotte glowed in yellow as she attended the launch party for her In The Style collection back in 2014!

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January 2015

Charlotte carried round a cut-out of...herself? Don't worry it's all for her fitness DVD 3 minute belly blitz!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

January 2015

Charlotte and previous long term boyfriend Mitch Jenkins in New York!

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March 2015

Oh look...another Geordie Shore promo photo! Hope you all voted for Charlotte!

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July 2015

Charlotte...holding a book of...Charlotte? This photo couldn't be more her, her, her!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

September 2015

Enjoy that cocktail Charlotte? Back in 2015, Charlotte dated Love Island's Max Morley!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

November 2015

Squad goals or what? Little did they know, this would be Charlotte's final official series of Geordie Shore :(

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December 2015

Just your standard Gaz and Charlotte photo!

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January 2016

This was Charlotte promoting her follow up fitness DVD 3 minute bum blitz!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

February 2016

WOW! Charlotte showed off her before and after shots of her nose surgery!

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May 2016

The Geordie girls on a shoot for Geordie Shore's Big Birthday Bash! Also, the last time we would see Charlotte in any form of Geordie Shore :(

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

July 2016

"Cue the lip police" back in July, Charlotte knew her followers too well as they jumped straight into Charlotte's comment section!

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August 2016

Charlotte on set for Celeb's Go Dating!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

October 2016

Throwback! Charlotte showed off her AMAZING transformation at the end of 2016!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

22nd January 2017

New couple alert? Charlotte fuelled relationship rumours when she uploaded this post to Instagram!

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April 2017

At the start of April, Charlotte and Bear appeared on GMB!

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September 2017

Reunited! Charlotte, Aaron and Sophie reunited back in September as the girls showed their support on fight night!

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September 2017

Char and Bear, promoting their show Just Tattoo of Us!

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October 2017

You'll never guess what? Oh yeah...Charlotte went back to brunette...again!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

November 2017

Boob Job? Charlotte's fans were very quick to notice a change in her appearance when she uploaded this snap!

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CREDIT: Instagram/Charlottegshore

March 2018

Look at these two! Char cosies up to her current flame Joshua Ritchie!

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March 2018

The Charlotte Show! Charlotte promoting her new series all about her, if you didn't guess that from the title!

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