Charlotte Crosby gets trolled for looking ‘too skinny’ in bikini snap

She can't do anything right, can she?!

charlotte crosby

by Joanna Freedman |
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Charlotte Crosby has a pretty great life, if you think about it. She’s got tonnes of adoring fans, she’s pretty much a national treasure and she’s got a bloody FIT boyfriend (aka Stephen Bear).

But one thing we don’t envy is that she can’t do anything without getting trolled relentlessly. Literally, just DAYS ago she was attacked on Instagram for posting a pouty picture, and then jokily commenting, “my lips look natural”.

You can read more about that here.

And now poor Char has been attacked online again, after posting a pic of herself in a bikini while on holiday with Bear.


The pic, which the Geordie babe posted on Instagram, shows her sprawled across a sun lounger in a pink bikini…. and we think she looks pretty great, tbh.

But of course, it didn’t take Insta users long to find something to be mean about, as they flocked into the Geordie star's comments to tell her she was “too skinny”.

One wrote, “not a nice look hun . showing all them bones…” while another commented, “U need to go and eat something u don't look good!”

This all seems a bit harsh, to be honest.

Can't we just let Char post a selfie in peace for like... 5 minutes?!

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