Charlotte Crosby slams Vicky Pattison for ‘misleading’ fitness DVD

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Geordie Shore OG members Charlotte Crosby and Vicky Pattison have been at war over their (v. optimistic) previous fitness DVD titles.

It started when Charlotte's 'Three Minute Belly Blitz' workout appeared to be mocked by Vicky during an appearance on Lorraine.

Charlotte Crosby has now called out Vicky Pattinson's fitness DVD title calling it 'misleading'.

Charlotte told The Sun, 'Well she had an exercise DVD that said 7 Days Slim. You definitely can't have a slim body after seven days.'


She also claimed her title was in reference to the length of workout, whilst Vicky's insinuated you could lose a lot of weight in just one week.

Charlotte Crosby
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She continued, 'So I think Vicky and I both know that the titles of our DVD are just meant to be eye catching and really it was three minute sections, like hers was a seven day workout.'

Charlotte was careful not to start a celebrity feud with her ex-co star and instead labelled her as 'confused'.

'So I'm not going to get nasty. I am sure Vicky just got confused.'

Vicky was on Lorraine talking about her weight loss transformation from a size 16 to 6 and also spoke about the celeb fitness DVD backlash.

Lorraine - who has released a workout DVD of her own - said: 'There shouldn't be air brushing and people making claims you can't use, I don't know 3 stone...'

Vicky then quickly added: 'In three minutes,' appearing to reference Charlotte's 3 Minute Belly Blitz workouts.


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