Charlotte Crosby wants to RETURN to the CBB house


Charlotte Crosby

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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This year’s Celebrity Big Brother has been, without a doubt, absolutely FAB.

We don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we can’t get enough.

As well as being jam packed full of housemates that are keen to bring on the dramz (check out the full line up here), Big Brother are being particularly cruel this series.

They were accused of bullying on the FIRST DAY when they made housemates choose someone to be edited out, and Stacy had to watch the others partying while sat alone, cold, and being rained on in the garden.


LOLOL. Evil.

They also told the house how many nominations each of them had received this week to make them even more paranoid.

But despite Big Brother’s wicked side, a load of celebs are still eager to get back into the house for some utterly bizarre reason.

Daniella Westbrook was the first to ask for another shot in the house, posting pics on Instagram of her time in there with captions like “Take me back cbb” and “Best job I’ve ever done.”

Now it seems one of our Geordie FAVES is keen to get herself some time in the pop art house of dreams.

Charlotte Crosby told The Sun Online that she was watching the show and feeling a bit nostalgic.

OH YES. We would one million per cent be behind you going back in, Char, babes.

Remember when she was in the house and taught Mario Falcone how to talk gibberish? Or every time she got mortal? Or when she won the whole bloody thing?

"I don’t think [the producers] even called me about it!" she said.

"Watching it now I’m feeling nostalgic and I’m missing it … imagine if me, Scotty T and Stephen Bear were in, it would be hilarious.

"It’s not really All Stars when none of the past winners are in!"

Erm. Actually, she kinda has a point.

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