Charlotte Dawson’s rider is literally SO CHUFFING FABULOUS


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Since watching Celebs Go Dating, we really didn’t think we needed any more evidence that Charlotte Dawson was our spirit animal.

She’s too glam to give a damn, she’s sassy AF and she loves a shot or seven.

But after catching a glimpse of her list of demands for when she appears on TV shows and PA’s we think we love her even more than we already did.

Like, honestly, they couldn’t be more relatable.

Predictably, top of the list is prosecco, which we often saw her necking back on *Celebs Go Dating. *

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"If I'm appearing on a show I do demand a bottle of prosecco," she wrote in her column for Star magazine .

And who can blame her? Every gal needs some prosecco.

She also requests some Walkers prawn cocktail crisps, which we totally agree are essential.

And typically, as a northern lass, she insists on a portion of ‘cheesy chips and graaaaveh’ to finish off her night.

If you need us we’ll be breaking into Charlotte’s dressing room at all her PA’s for the foreseeable future.

Really, what more does a gal need apart from crisps, chips and some bubbly?!

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