Charlotte Dawson feels Les Dawson’s ghost is always with her


Charlotte Dawson

by Ruby Norris |
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Ex On The Beach star Charlotte Dawson has revealed she believes the ghost of her dad, Les Dawson, is always watching over her.

Charlotte claimed she regularly feels the presence of her late father, so much so that she has even been tempted to visit a psychic.

Apparently this ghostly presence has been hurling Les Dawson autobiographies off Charlotte's bedroom shelf? and even rewound a documentary about the comedian as she was watching it in bed.

Charlotte, who was only eight months old when her father passed away after a heart attack, says these spooky happenings make her feel closer to Les. She reveals: "I feel like my dad is always with me."

The star went on to say that she often watches recordings of Les Dawson shows as she finds it much easier to get to sleep when listening to her father's voice.

However, after returning from a fashion week event and settling down to watch The Best of Les Dawson a couple of weeks ago, Charlotte had a rather spooky experience.

"My Sky remote was nowhere near me while I was watching him and I swear to God it lifted up and started rewinding the programme…

"It must have been my dad. I mean what else could it have been?" she told the Sun.

While Char does admit this remote-hogging ghost did freak her out a bit, she also claims it made her happy to know her dad's right there with her.

Unfortunately, it would seem the ghost of Charlotte's funny-man dad wasn't exactly watching over her on the star's recent trip to Ibiza.

According to her Twitter account, Charlotte's phone and passport were stolen while she was dancing the night away on the party island. Didn’t see that one coming, eh Les? OR was it the ghost of her cheeky comedian dad playing a trick on poor Char?

Could this mean Charlotte will be stuck in Ibiza FOREVER? Somehow we doubt she'll mind too much as, in her own words, she's having a ball.


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