Check out Amy Schumer’s One Direction spoof!

Girl, You Don’t Need Make Up is a pretty good song, actually…

by Anna Lewis |
Published on

You’ve probably heard the name Amy Schumer being bandied around a lot recently. But if you’re like us, you’re probably not 100 per cent sure who she actually is.

Well, Amy is an American comedian with her own show on Comedy Central called Inside Amy Schumer.


And you may have seen her lying in a crumpled heap in front of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at the recent Time 100 gala.

She was doing a prank btw, she’s not just a clumsy oaf…

In a new sketch for her show, Amy has filmed a parody video of One Direction’s debut single What Makes You Beautiful. Except her and her 1d-esque band’s version is called, Girl, You Don’t Need Make Up.

The guys serenade Amy about how she doesn’t need to wear all that slap to look beautiful – she’s lovely just how she is.

So she washes it all off… much to their dismay.

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