Chelsea Handler posts NAKED selfie using an APPLE to cover her lady garden

We don't really know where to look.

Chelsea Handler

by Maria Vallahis |

The question is not, Why has Chelsea Handler posed naked with an apple covering her lady garden?

But, Why is Chelsea Handler eating an apple in the bathroom? Come orn, no food in the bathroom, Chelsea.

The 40-year-old US TV show host shared the nudey picture, posing in front of a mirror, wearing only a bra.

More news!

She told her 1.7 million Instagram followers: "Look at my hair. Something must have happened while I slumbered."

Yes, your hair does look rather messy, Chelsea. And look at those creams, tissues and other bathroomy stuff in such a disarray.

Nice hair.

Check out her abs. We hope we look good at her age. Heck, we hope we looked as good as Chelsea does, NOW.

Earlier this month, she posted a FIT bikini shot on Insta, as a response to an ex-boyfriend who had once called her fat.

At the time she posted: “You know, I had a boyfriend who told me my boobs were too big and that I was fat. And then, I looked in the mirror."

Well this is definitely a step further than a fit bikini snap.

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