Cher Lloyd is homeless due to the pressures of her pop star career

Cher seems to be struggling without a home - yeah right...


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It’s usually sad to hear a star has fallen from grace – the fact a celebrity’s career has ended, they’ve been dropped by their record label, filmed their final movie or appeared on their last reality show whilst simultaneously shedding every last penny they’ve ever had is enough to make anyone cry at least a little bit.

So, spare a thought for poor old Cher Lloyd who is going through a terribly harrowing experience at the moment and has been forced to announce the absolutely devastating news that she is homeless.

The former X Factor contestant has been reduced to lugging around her remaining clothes in a suitcase as she finds shelter each night.

We imagine Cher sobbed with her head in her hands when, this week, she told the Daily Mirror: “I don’t have a home. I’m homeless.”

Could you imagine being in such a horrific situation? Poor, poor Cher.

Poor Cher
Poor Cher

Luckily, it is all in the name of art and Cher is only without house, as it were, because of her career – she says you can only be a successful pop star if you perform and promote yourself on the road (preferably not as a lady of the night) constantly.

She said: “That’s the only way to do it when you’re being asked to travel. It’s pointless having a home.”

So, really, Cher has nothing to worry about whatsoever – she may not have a massive mansion but it’s only because she is well and truly living the pop star dream.

And the singer is even dragging a whopping 11 suitcases along with her stuffed with beautiful attire to make herself look beautiful on the red carpet.

She said: “I live out of 11 suitcases – I have to take everything with me. I have a storage container in the UK that I keep most of my worldly goods in.

“All the contents from my home got dropped off one day and locked up, and we haven’t been back since.

“I’m so bored of room service, because I like cooking. It’s a bit of a pain.”

Cher and her hubby Craig Monk

Oh, yeah, of course, Cher. All that room service. It must be a right chore to stuff all that tasty food in your gob.

Thankfully, Cher has her hairdresser husband Craig Monk to offload all that TERRIBLE room service onto if it ever gets too much as he is constantly by her side on her travels.

The singer said: “He travels with me everywhere. It wouldn’t work if he didn’t. He’s there to deal with all the rubbish as well. I’ve got a very hectic lifestyle, so he’s definitely not sunning it up.”

Oh dear! Poor Cher and Craig! It really does sound horrendous…

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