Cheryl’s tears: ‘I wish I could make this better for Bear’

The emotional star is doing her best to make life normal for her son


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She’d been planning her son’s third birthday party for the past few weeks, but like many people up and down the country, Cheryl was forced to cancel Bear’s bash due to the coronavirus pandemic. The 36-year-old singer had organised an elaborate celebration on 22 March – which also happened to be Mother's Day – for Bear for his friends and family at her home but as the social distancing rules came into place she had to rethink and ended up just having a quiet day instead.

Taking to social media, Cheryl said, “So I just brought myself out of the Frozen 2 on-repeat-all-day-all-night room to come and say thank you to everybody that’s sending Bear happy birthday wishes. He’s three today. Obviously, no party, but it doesn’t matter. He’s still having fun. Lots of cake, lots of toys, he doesn’t really know the difference.”

And like others, Cheryl – who has been very vocal in her support and appreciation for all NHS staff and other keyworkers – is hoping to rearrange the party once COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.

“Hopefully in the summer, if we all stay home, we can have a celebration of both [being] rid of this horrible, horrific virus and a late birthday party,” she continued. “But thank you to everybody sending him birthday wishes. I have been passing them along. I’m sending lots of love, lots of well wishes to you. Stay safe, stay home, please. That’s all we’ve got to do. It’s really not hard. We’ve just got to stay home.”

However, Cheryl couldn’t help but have a few tears over the whole situation and while she knows Bear’s party is so insignificant, she had been looking forward to it as it was the first year Bear had an idea of what was going on and was excited about his party.

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“They made the decision to cancel and reschedule Bear's birthday party, so she's gutted for him as he had been talking about it for weeks and really looking forward to it,” our insider says. “He’s too young to understand why it was cancelled and Cheryl made sure he had a great day anyway and he was very spoilt. But she had some tears – it was an emotional day with it being his birthday and Mother’s Day and also for the situation the world is in, it is a very scary time. She's doing all she can to make it better for Bear.”

And like so many other parents, Cheryl's had to cope with changing her son's happy, settled routine, which involved him going to nursery and playdates with lots of his friends, including Kimberley Walsh’s two sons, Bobby, five, and Cole, three.

Speaking about his nursery, Cheryl previously said, “It is very stressful picking the right place,’ she said. ‘I think the place that I have chosen is great, and I am allowed to go there for his first few sessions, which is very helpful for me. I don’t just want to drop him at the door and say, ‘Bye’. It goes against everything in your instinct.”

The star previously cleared up reports that her mum Joan lives with them at her Buckinghamshire mansion, saying she simply comes down as much as she can from her home in Newcastle – though obviously that will change as the country remains in lockdown.

“I wish my mam would live with me,” she said. “I have asked her several times. She’s got her own life. She has way more kids than me and a lot of grandkids back home. So, it’s a bit selfish, but I do feel life would be a bit easier if she was around. She comes down a lot; if I ask her, she comes at a drop of a hat. She just has her own friends. I wish though. It’s a long way and a big cultural difference.”

Cheryl split from Bear’s dad Liam Payne almost two years ago and while the former One Direction star is as hands on as he can be, it’s Cheryl who does the brunt of the childcare. Liam, 26, paid tribute to his ex on Mother’s Day, saying, "Double special day today thanks to 2 very special ladies and a very special little man. Happy Mother's Day mum and Cheryl. You two are the most amazing mothers Bear and I could have asked for, thanks for raising me right and thank you Cheryl for showing my son all the love in the world. Happy birthday little man! 3 already I can't believe it. It's amazing watching you grow, and you surprise me constantly. It really seems like yesterday I was holding you for the first time. Thank you for bringing life and joy to my world. I hope I can do the same."

And Cheryl knows that over the next few weeks and months it will be hard, but appreciates she’s in a much better position than a lot of people because she has such a big house and lots of space for Bear to play in.

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“It's been hard work at home with him, he's a very active three-year-old who's used to doing loads of activities all day and so it's pretty tirring looking after him, and trying to keep him entertained,” our source explains. “Also, it's impossible for her to work with Bear around, just taking calls trying to sort out her upcoming work stuff – it's all been cancelled so that's a blow. But she is trying to focus on the positives.”

Cheryl has just finished work on The Greatest Dancer and was due to perform at some festivals over the summer, which have now been cancelled. However, she knows this is the perfect opportunity to hang with Bear and make sure he’s as happy as he can be.

“While all this worries her and what it could mean for Bear – and other kids’ futures - she's getting to spend loads of time with him, so she's in her element just hanging out with him,” we’re told. “She's saying she's trying to make the most of it. She's loving getting to explore the garden and playing lots of games with her little dude. He still got so spoilt for his birthday so there's no shortage of new toys and games. She feels so lucky to have him during this testing time."

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