Cheryl brands Girls Aloud reunion ’embarrassing’ in unearthed clip



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An unearthed clip from 2006 shows former Girls Aloud member Cheryl slam a future reunion as she implies it would be embarrassing.

In the clip, taken from the bands reality show Girls Aloud: Off The Record, Cheryl is walking with her then-husband Ashley Cole when she makes the revelation.

Speaking about the band’s future, Cheryl says, "I think it would be foolish to think that people haven’t thought about what they want to do after the band.

Girls Aloud
The band on their final tour in 2013 ©Getty

"Just because, it is four years down the line now and realistically how long have we got?

"Another few year, if that."

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And she certainly didn’t seem enamoured with the idea of getting back together for a tour after the band disbanded, adding, “There will be no reunions though.

“Can you imagine [us at] 30-odd-year-old [singing] 'I’m just a love machine' …? Nah, no thanks.

“From the start we said if anyone is really unhappy or if the band goes downhill and nobody is buying the records then we will make a decision as a band to end it."

Girls Aloud
At the start of their career ©Getty

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She went on to add, "Not that somebody leaves or quits and then starts slagging each other off afterwards in autobiographies and all that.

"I would like to think that we would all stay in contact and be friends."

The band formed in 2002 and went on to have major global success until they split in 2013. Up until now, all the bandmates have dismissed the idea of a reunion but there’s been a renewed interest from fans after lead singer Nadine Coyle said they’d been in talks for a 20th anniversary tour.

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