Is Cheryl going to sign up to The Voice?

Place your bets here.

Cheryl and

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After Cheryl Fernandez Versini - we're still not sure what to call her these days? - spectaculary resigned from The X Factor yesterday we were pretty cemented in the idea that it's because she wants to go back to making sweet pop music again.

“Cheryl told Simon of her decision at dinner last week in LA. They have had many discussions about the new series but she finally made up her mind," a source told The Sun.

“Her relationship with Simon is the best it's ever been and they both are incredibly supportive of each other."

BUT in reports that have emerged today, it seems like there may be another reason Princess Cheryl has stepped down.

As we all know, flagging BBC talent show *The Voice * is making it's way over to ITV pretty soon and apparently they're willing to pay the MEGA BIG BUCKS to have Cheryl sit in one of those red chairs.

Ladbrokes spokesperson Alex Donohoe revealed this to the Daily Star: "Cheryl says she wants to concentrate on the music but plenty of punters expect her to jump ship to The Voice instead.”

It does kinda all make sense really, Paloma Faith has ranted about leaving reality telly shows AND and Cheryl have been pals for years.

Here they are, having a little dance:

Cheryl and

Will Cheryl be content hiding away in the Hollywood hills with her NEW BOYFRIEND LIAM PAYNE forever? Or will the sweet promise of $$$ tempt her back to the world of telly?

We'll have to wait and see. text

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