Is Cheryl behind Liam Payne’s ‘split’ from Maya Henry?

Maya is finding it hard to compete with Bear’s mum

Cheryl, Liam Payne and Maya Henry

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He’s previously called her the “most important person” in his life, and it seems things between Liam Payne and ex-girlfriend Cheryl are in a purple patch right now.

The former couple – who share two-year-old son Bear together – have been spending more and more time with each other, and their closeness is said to be putting a strain on Liam’s relationship with girlfriend Maya Henry.

“Cheryl and Liam get on great these days, mainly because they are both so obsessed with Bear – he’s a total character and makes them laugh about something new every day,” a source tells heat.

“He’s chatting non-stop and wants to be doing things all the time – they’re having so much fun with him. Cheryl knows how much Bear adores his dad, so she’s keen to have him involved as much as possible. But the problem is that this is causing big issues with Maya – she is a bit baffled by it all, and is finding it hard to deal with the fact that Liam is so involved with Cheryl. There’s constant communication between them. Maya doesn’t really trust the situation much, and she’s worried that Cheryl might want to get back together with him. Maya’s only young and this is a lot for her to get her head around.”

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December 2015

During the final of The X Factor 2015, when Cheryl was a judge on the show, Liam was spotted dancing with the singer to Jason Derulo's track 'Talk Dirty To Me' after the show ended. Despite looking very friendly together, nobody suspected a relationship between the two.

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February 2016

Cheryl uploaded a photo of herself getting ready for The BRIT Awards in 2017, with Liam commenting on her photo with the cheeky caption, 'See you there babe!'.

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February 2016

Despite rumours circulating that the pair could be dating, Cheryl and Liam walked the BRITs red carpet separately in 2016. Instead, Liam was joined by his former One Direction band mate Louis Tomlinson.

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February 2016

It's official! On the last day of February in 2016, Liam and Cheryl made their relationship public when Liam updated his social media photos to this cute snap.The singer also updated his social media bios to read, 'Happy'.

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March 2016

Cheryl and Liam went Instagram official when Liam uploaded this photo of the pair posing in the back of a car.

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March 2016

Liam sent 'Cheriam' fans into complete meltdown when he shared a photo of Cheryl to his social media accounts to celebrate International Women's Day.Alongside the photo, he wrote the cute caption of, 'Happy #internationalwomensday to my favourite woman in the world ud83dude18ud83dude18 hope I make you as happy as u make me X'. [sic]

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March 2016

Cheryl and Liam made their first public appearance together in March 2016. Looking incredibly loved up, the pair enjoyed a meal together at a restaurant in London, with Cheryl sporting a massive necklace with the word 'love'.

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April 2016

After only a few months of dating, Cheryl's friend and former X Factor boss Simon Cowell spoke about her romance with Liam.He said, "I saw them together and we had a really nice dinner [...] They were on good form. They're like two little chipmunks madly in love. Literally they were so cute. But importantly they both seemed very happy over here and very relaxed. I'm happy for them."

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July 2016

Cheryl and Liam moved in together, with Cheryl announcing the news with a funny message on Instagram. Sharing this photo of Liam with her beloved dog, she wrote, 'Our new family member ud83dudc36ud83dude01ud83dude0dud83dude2d he is beyond cute.. ud83dude29 the dog is adorable too ud83dude0f @toosmallforteacups thank you ❤ufe0f. [sic]

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May 2016

Cheryl and Liam made their first ever red carpet appearance during the Global Gift Gala in Paris, France.Gazing into each other's eyes, the couple looked more loved up than ever.

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May 2016

Liam posted a selfie of the pair on a private jet travelling to France ahead of the Cannes Film Festival.

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May 2016

The couple made their second red carpet appearance in just one month when they appeared at the Cannes Film Festival.Liam was supporting Cheryl who was attending the event as part of her brand ambassador role for L'Oreal.

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October 2016

Cheryl's divorce from her ex-husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini was finalised, with the former couple being granted a 'quickie divorce'.

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September 2016

Rumours started in the press that Cheryl was pregnant with Liam's child after she was spotted with a 'fuller figure' at a L'Oreal event in Paris.

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September 2016

Liam fueled the pregnancy rumours even further when he changed his Instagram bio to read, 'The luckiest man alive'. He then uploaded this cute photo of the pair wearing face masks, declaring how much he misses his girlfriend. He wrote, 'I miss you!...the things you make me doud83eudd13ud83dude0b home soon!'.

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November 2016

After months of rumours surrounding her pregnancy, Cheryl and Liam seemed to confirm them when they stepped out hand-in-hand at the Fayre of St James' Christmas Concert in London.Cheryl made the decision to leave her long coat open as she 'showed off' her small baby bump to fans and press.

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February 2017

It's official - Cheryl and Liam are having a baby! After not attending The BRIT Awards in 2017, Cheryl seemed to confirm her pregnancy once and for all when she posed in a photo holding her large bump for a new L'Oreal campaign.

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December 2016

Amidst all of the rumours, Cheryl and Liam posted some playful selfies to their social media accounts to celebrate their first ever Christmas together.

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March 2017

After months of speculation, Cheryl and Liam confirmed to the world that they've welcomed a baby boy called Bear Grey Payne.Revealing he was born on Wednesday 22nd March, Cheryl wrote, 'Liam and I became parents to an incredibly beautiful, healthy baby boy, weighing 7lb 9 and looking like a dream. Although he still doesn't have a name he is already stealing hearts. We are all madly in love and overwhelmingly happy with our little arrival. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers around the world. A day that now has a different meaning to me forever ud83dudc99'. [sic]

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June 2017

Breaking her social media silence for the first time since welcoming baby Bear, Cheryl uploaded a snap of Liam to wish him a Happy Father's Day.She wrote, 'Happy 1st Father's Day Liam.. You are the most amazing daddy and the best example for our son. The way he looks at you says it all. Your relationship melts my heart. You are the centre of his world & We adore you ud83dudc3bud83cudf0eud83dudc99'.

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July 2017

After months of staying out of the public eye, Cheryl shared a cute photo of herself and Liam enjoying a date night without baby Bear.

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October 2017

As Liam started to release his debut solo music, including songs like 'Strip That Down', 'Get Low' and 'Bedroom Floor', Cheryl couldn't resist gushing about her man's handsome looks.Sharing this photo, Cheryl wrote, 'I had to .. I mean ud83dudc40 come onnnn ud83dude29ud83dude0d'.

Bear24 of 31
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February 2018

After months of no social posts and no public appearances, fans started to think Liam and Cheryl were having relationship issues.That was until Liam posted this adorable photo of his son Bear to help wish Cheryl a Happy Valentine's Day. He wrote, 'Happy Valentine's Day @cherylofficial and everyone. looks like I've got the big guy to compete with now ud83eudd37ud83cudffb‍♂ufe0fud83dude02ud83dude02ud83dude02'.

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February 2018

Stories in the press suggested Liam and Cheryl's relationship had come to an end due to the pair's busy work schedules.

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February 2018

Cheryl sent fans into meltdown when she appeared to be wearing an engagement ring on her ring finger as she met Prince Charles.Representatives for the couple later explained Cheryl's choice of jewellery was simply 'costume jewellery'.

Liam and Cheryl27 of 31
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February 2018

Shutting down split rumours, the couple attended The BRIT Awards 2018 together, putting on a very loved up display on the red carpet.

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February 2018

After certain news outlets claimed Cheryl and Liam's public display of affection at The BRIT Awards 2018 was a 'stunt', Cheryl angrily hit back on Twitter, calling it 'ludicrous and weird'.

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May 2018

Liam spent a lot of time in America as he promoted his solo music, leaving Cheryl and Bear at home.

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June 2018

After not being seen together for four months, fans started to speculate a split when Liam failed to publicly address Cheryl's birthday on the 30th June.

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July 2018

After two years together, on Sunday 1st July both Cheryl and Liam announced they had split. Releasing a joint statement on Twitter, it read, 'We are sad to announce that we are going our separate ways. It's been a tough decision for us to make. We still have so much love for each other as a family. Bear is our world and we ask that you respect his privacy as we navigate our way through this together.' [sic

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Cheryl, 36, and Liam, 26, split in 2018 and, after an initial rocky period, they decided to work on being as amicable as possible for Bear’s sake. We’re told, “Whenever Liam is in the country, he spends a lot of time with Cheryl and Bear at their house, and they are currently planning his third birthday party. Cheryl feels that Liam has really come into his own as a father over the past few months and he loves being with Bear as much as he can.”

And while Maya, 19, was invited to spend Christmas at Cheryl’s, the insider says she’s feeling increasingly left out, and there is speculation that she and Liam could be about to split. They haven’t been seen in public together for weeks and the PDAs have vanished from their social media – a complete contrast to when they first got together last summer, when they were always gushing about each other.

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“Things with Liam have been going in the wrong direction recently – it’s a lot of things, all at once,” we’re told. “Maya’s modelling has really taken off and she wants to explore that, as well as other career opportunities. She’s sick of living out of a suitcase and wants to spend more time back home in America with her friends and family. She wants Liam to put down permanent roots there – but that’s not his plan, as he obviously needs to be in the UK for Bear and he’s starting to spend more time there.

“When Maya got together with Liam, she knew he had a son and she’s always been very respectful of that. But it’s understandable that she’s unsettled knowing that she’s never going to be his number one priority – that will always be Cheryl, because she is Bear’s mum.”

The source continues, “It’s a hard thing to deal with and can cause some issues between her and Liam. He wants everyone to be happy, but he’ll never deny that Bear is his top priority.

“They’re definitely having a few issues right now, and friends aren’t sure if they will survive it.”

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