Cheryl breaks Twitter silence since giving birth to baby Bear


Cheryl and Liam Payne

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Cheryl has posted on Twitter for the first time since giving birth to her and Liam Payne's son Bear nearly two months ago.

Earlier today she sent fans into a bit of a frenzy when she posted on the social media site for the first time since St Patrick's Day on 17th March.

And it's a little bit saucy.

She wrote: "#LiamPayne #StripThatDown this is an emoji test not a personal request" complete with actual LIAM PAYNE EMOJIS and the cheeky monkey covering its mouth Emoji. Nawty, nawty.

Cheryl on Twitter

(We're guessing it's something to do with the EXCITING fact Liam's new music is set to drop this Friday.)

Cheryl then gave her adoring fans even more of a treat as she began replying to their messages and well wishes.

Cheryl on Twitter

When one fan asked: "How's bear? I'm still over the moon for you"

Chezza replied: "Thank you. He's Amazing."

She also let on that while Liam's avoided any pee-related disasters, she hasn't been so lucky.

Cheryl on Twitter

In other Chiam news, did you hear Liam massively hint that he and Cheryl are MARRIED?

Liam referred to Cheryl as his wife during a US Radio Show appearance –sparking rumours that they’re married!

He was joking about a popular burger chain, and said: "I left my wife and child at home and I was straight out to In-N-Out Burger."


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