Chloe Ferry shows off new ‘huge mansion’ with ginormous bedroom and spacious landing

Someone's earning the big bucks

Chloe Ferry

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Chloe Ferry hasn't been shy about showing off her latest purchases on social media in the past.

From her two houses with her on/off boyfriend Sam Gowland, a new Range Rover, a gorgeous pedigree French Bulldog and her new beauty salon, the Geordie Shore star certainly knows how to spend her hard earned cash.

But in a new post, Chloe has shocked her fans by revealing she's bought ANOTHER house, and it is massive.

Taking to Instagram to upload the snap, Chloe posted a photo of her standing outside her new abode, with her hands on her hips and a smile spread right across her face.

We mean, who wouldn't be smiling after buying a house like this?

She captioned the image, "Left a lot of things in 2019 but I’m so ready for 2020 welcome to my new home @ferryhomely 🏡❤️."

After her dig at her ex Sam, Chloe then set up her own home Instagram account, which has already amassed over 100,000 followers.

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Geordie Shore's most iconic moments

Holly gives Gaz a kiss on the penis1 of 18

Holly gives Gaz a 'kiss' on the penis

An 18-year-old Holly Hagan literally ran into the Geordie Shore house, excited to spend her teenage years exploring what the 'adult world' was like and she really did get stuck in. It wasn't long into the first episode before Gary Beadle had got out his penis, which Holly decided she wanted to, let's say, kiss. Since then, Holly has dished the dirt on that encounter, after Gary said his penis resembled a "Sky remote control." Speaking to heat, she revealed, "It's not that big really."

Sophie's 'chlamydia' moment2 of 18

Sophie's 'chlamydia' moment

After Sophie Kasaei got into a relationship with DJ Joel Corry, it wasn't long before she started to miss her beau. But when he surprised her by visiting the house, Sophie whisked Joel to the bedroom after a night out for some alone time and it seemed like Sophie was really enjoying herself. Cue one of the most iconic moments in Geordie Shore history. Sophie decided to show how much she was enjoying herself by seductively saying, "Chlamydia", in Joel's ear.

Vicky spits in Jay's face3 of 18

Vicky spits in Jay's face

As series one progressed, the first house romance had been ignited between Vicky Pattison and Jay Gardner, with the pair deciding to share a room from day one. It looked like things were going swimmingly, until the pair got into a huge fight and ended up calling off their short-lived romance. In the midst of the fighting, Vicky then spat her drink in Jay's face, leaving him fuming. Vicky has since called her behaviour "disgusting and unnecessary."

Holly dumps Dan outside a sofa shop in a retail park4 of 18

Holly dumps Dan outside a sofa shop in a retail park

It seems like a long time ago but Holly actually entered the Geordie Shore house with a boyfriend called Dan. However, their relationship soon broke down and Holly wanted to dump her lover. Obviously, in true reality TV style, the cameras followed Holly as she headed to end the relationship, filming her arguing with Dan then dumping him outside a sofa shop in a retail park. Ouch.

Charlotte weeing on Gaz5 of 18

Charlotte weeing on Gaz

Ever since Charlotte Crosby and Gary got together, they were the ultimate Geordie Shore couple. While they broke up more times than we've had Mint Wispas, they were firm fan favourites from the beginning. So after Charlotte and Gary had done the deed in Ricci Guarnaccio's nana's bed (so many questions), Charlotte farted to stop the awkwardness between the pair. Noting Gary's utter disgust, Charlotte found it all so funny that she just starting weeing…all over him, the bed and herself.

Vicky and Ricci get engaged6 of 18

Vicky and Ricci get engaged

After Ricci entered the house in series two, he swept Vicky off her feet, despite her having a boyfriend at the time. However, she eventually finished with him to be with Ricci, who popped the question during the show's Chaos in Cancun series. This was much to the surprise of everyone, as their relationship was extremely fiery. The engagement was short-lived, with the pair calling it off months after, and Ricci left the show to go on Celebrity Big Brother.

Ricky proposes to Marnie7 of 18

Ricky proposes to Marnie

And from one Ricky to the next, can you remember when ex-TOWIE star Ricky Rayment proposed to Marnie Simpson on the show? Again, this was a huge surprise to viewers, as the pair had only been officially dating for six months. Their engagement also didn't last long, with the pair splitting three months later.

Charlotte and Marnie's fight8 of 18

Charlotte and Marnie's fight

There's been plenty of fights over the years in the Geordie Shore house but this one takes top place. The fight between the two firecrackers broke out after Marnie stirred the pot after kissing Chloe Ferry's beau Marty McKenna. Obviously, Chloe went pure radge because she'd already 'bucked' him and then Charlotte got involved, leading to security having to pull them all apart. Charlotte then called Marnie "a big flirty slag with really long confusing hair." Savage.

Aaron tells Marnie he loves her9 of 18

Aaron tells Marnie he loves her

Marnie and Aaron Chalmers' relationship was very on and off, with the pair loving each other one minute then ripping each other's heads off the next. Can you remember when they got caught having sex in a factory's kitchen? But it seemed like it was true love for the pair, as after going back and forth, Aaron finally admitted he loved Marnie. Yet, it took him a while to get there as before he said those precious three words, he responded to Marnie admitting her love for him by responding, "I like your hair." Awkward.

When Nathan wee'd on the stairs10 of 18

When Nathan wee'd on the stairs

It shouldn't have been hilarious but it was. Nathan Henry decided he needed to have a wee and couldn't hold it in so wee'd on the stairs. And if this wasn't funny enough, Chloe and Sam Gowland then ran up the stairs not knowing what he had done and fell into his lukewarm piss. Lovely.

Chloe fighting a tree11 of 18

Chloe fighting a tree

Ever since Chloe burst onto our screens, her wild personality made her a firm fan favourite, as well as all the questionable things she does while filming. However, this has to be one of her funniest moments - when she started a fight with a tree because she believed the tree 'wanted to fight'. You simply cannot write these things.

Chloe sent home after starting on Zahida12 of 18

Chloe sent home after starting on Zahida

In one of the show's more recent series, the OG cast saw around ten new faces turn up at the house, after their boss Anna wanted to employ some new workers. However, with new faces comes new drama and new girl Zahida Allen got frisky with Marty in the back of a taxi. What Zahida didn't realise was how volatile Chloe and Marty's on-off relationship was and their late night antics sent Chloe wild. She attacked Zahida, and the pair had to be pulled apart by security. Chloe was booted from the show but returned later on in the series.

Scotty Tu2019s threesome gets interrupted13 of 18

Scotty T’s threesome gets interrupted

Scotty T thought he was going to have the night of his life when he brought home two women for a threesome...on a waterbed. However, he instead got summoned out of his bed to speak with Gaz for a deep convo. Better luck next time Scott.

Back of the taxi orgy14 of 18

Back of the taxi orgy

When you thought you'd seen it all, you really hadn't until this moment. An orgy in the back of a taxi. TV gold. After the crew had been partying wildly in the town centre, they were all heading back home to the Geordie Shore house. Bored, and very drunk, one of the cast members suggesting having an orgy, which they all were keen on (except Chloe who was asleep at the back). Marnie and Scotty T got carried away and passionately kissed, leaving Aaron fuming and he left the house.

Chloe goes plant pot crazy15 of 18

Chloe goes plant pot crazy

How can we forget Nathan deciding he wants a calm and peaceful bath to then be rudely awakened by a drunk Chloe raiding the bathroom with only one thing one her mind - the plants. As she goes plant pot crazy, she swings the pot around with dirt going absolutely everywhere, turning the clean bathroom into a soiled mess.

The Abbie, Chloe and Sam love triange16 of 18

The Abbie, Chloe and Sam love triangle

Abbie Holborn kept it no secret that she fancied Sam when the former Love Islander turned up as one of the new cast members. However, Chloe also had her eyes set on the hunky lad, meaning they found themselves at loggerheads. After the pair fought it out over several episodes, Sam decided to pick Chloe as they were more similar, leaving Abbie upset.

Chloe, Abbie and Sam stayed silent17 of 18

Chloe, Abbie and Sam stayed silent

Another Chloe/Sam/Abbie fight, when Abbie found out that Sam and Chloe had been necking on behind her back for ages, Chloe went into a rage we've never seen before.

The end of Sam and Chloe18 of 18

The end of Sam and Chloe

After a few years, it took until series 20 of Geordie Shore for Sam and Chloe to finally call it a day. The pair left the house at the end of series 20 after non stop arguing and cheating claims, and only Chloe came back.

On the account, she posted a video of her walking around the first floor of the house, with her Geordie Shore co-star and BFF Bethan Kershaw filming her.

Excitable Chloe showed off her spacious landing, which has six doors leading away from the main area, suggesting she has at least FIVE bedrooms to herself.

She then ushers Bethan into her master suite, which shows her running around looking pretty pleased with herself.

WATCH episode 1 of heat's Under the Duvet with VOXI below:

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Fans were quick to comment on her uploads, with one user writing, "OMG it’s huge😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯", while another commented, "Wow looks amazing. Congratulations!!! 😍 xxx."

A third said, "This is a huge mansion. You're a lucky girl" and a fourth added, "So happy for you xx💕."

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