Chloe Ferry thinks sex with Gaz Beadle would be FOWL

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Chloe ferry

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We know Chloe Ferry bloody loves a bit of chicken, but we think she might be starting to like it a little too much.

She's revealed that she'd rather shag one of them than Gary Beadle.

Gary Beadle
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We admit we can think of a fair few people we'd rather get it on with than Gazza, but we think a chicken might perhaps be a step too far.

"I don't know who he thinks he is I'd rather shag a chicken than go anywhere near him.

"We didn't have sex - we haven't even kissed. I wouldn't go near him, he's too old for us," she told Star magazine.

Chloe Ferry

It seems she has a preference for the meat option rather than the vegetarian parsnip ;).


OH BUT WAIT. Is there a spanner in the works? It looks like there MAY JUST BE as Chantelle Connelly waded in on another occasion Chloe said she wouldn't go there with Gaz.

She retweeted an article in which Chloe claims she'd never let anything happen with her and Gaz, saying: "But you did try it on with him twice of camera !!! But he nocked u back."

That's a lil bit awk.

Chantelle Connelly

It's safe to say Chantelle isn't on the best of terms with her co-stars at the mo (she reportedly got "banned" from filming a Geordie Shore advert). She told them that she wouldn't "piss on them if they were on fire," which is a bit bloody rude if you ask us.

Plus, she and her BF Tommy Sayers (y'know, the neck tattoo one) hinted that Geordie Shore is SET UP and basically ruined all of our lives.

In a Facebook post (he bloody loves a Facebook post), he said: "As for people keep messeging asking if I know about her and Gary beadle (gaz) kissing, yeah I already new, I new it was going to happen, and as for gaz acting as if he pulled her he never, he only kissed her because I let him the skinny little prick."

Was Gaz kissing Chantelle SET UP FOR THE SHOW? Is Geordie Shore a LIE?

Cry cry.

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