Are Chloe Khan and Ashley Cain A THING now?

Oh, Chloe. Are you sure?

Ashley Cain Chloe Khan

by Georgina Terry |
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It is with a heavy heart that we finally (FINALLY) admit we may have to give up the last vestiges of hope, andt that the greatest romance of our time may be over.

We had such high hopes for Stephen Bear and Chloe Khan (who else could we have meant?) after their beautiful romance that began with squelchy sex noises in the Celebrity Big Brother toilet.

They could have been the greatest reality TV power couple in the world EVER now Lydia Rose-Bright and James 'Arg" Argent have given up the ghost (although we fully expect that relationship to rise from the dead in the next series of TOWIE).

But they appear to have thrown to all away.

And for what? Some Ex On The Beach stars.

Bear and Jemma Lucy have dyed their hair matching blue, which is a sure fire sign that they are doing the sex.

And now Chloe Khan has been on a pool date (may not have been an actual date) with he of the teeny gold shorts, Ashley Cain.

Oh, Chlo. We fear for our CBB bae. We're not sure Ashley is a suitable suitor for our dear one. Even Gary Beadle isn't sure about him and his moral compass is almost always pointing 20 degrees naughty.

Chloe shared snaps of her and Ash to Instagram, and he posted one to Twitter, captioned: "Beauties & the BEASTS".

It looks pretty chilly for a pool party, NGL.

And, do our eyes deceive us, or is that fellow EOTB lovely Naomi Hedman in the snap? She retweeted it.

Maybe she was acting as some kind of chaperone.

Ashley can currently be seen in Ex On The Beach: All Stars where he's had the first threesome of the show (he reckons) but otherwise been a bit overshadowed by the Gaz / Lillie Lexie Gregg / Jemma DRAMZ. No shame in that. We're not sure we'd want to compete with all that shouting and tears.

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