Chloe Khan has Bear’s name ON HER FACE


Chloe Khan

by Polly Foreman |
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When you get a new boyfriend, it seems the appropriate 2016 reaction is to get his name inked somewhere really conspicuous – just look at Chantelle Connelly (she got her BF's name on her NECK).

But luckily for Chloe Khan, she won't be making a trip to see Sketch from Tattoo Fixers any time soon, as it looks like the "Bear" drawn on her face in a heart is just felt tip (we hope).

Chloe Khan

Chloe recently revealed that she loved Bear during an interview on This Morning, and how better to demonstrate it than by writing it ALL OVER YER FACE?

She showed off her lovely new look at the eviction last night, during which the subject of her inking got saved by the public vote (and we're guessing she was pretty bloody chuffed to see Heavy D go).

But she was probably pretty not chuffed to hear him discuss how he felt about her during his eviction interview.

He told Emma Willis that his feelings for her earlier in the show were real.

Heavy D

Err… They didn't seem that genuine when you were getting her to WASH YOUR DIRTY PANTS, Heavy.

He said he felt "mugged off" when she got with Bear, continuing: "I did but the lesson I learnt was, if she chose him, you have to be a gentleman and put your hands up."

Is it us, or is he acting like there was some tragic love triangle?

She literally never led you on in any way at all, Heavy.

"You shake hands and you get on with it, you don’t hold a grudge, we’re both adults.

Heavy D Chloe Khan

"She came across as a really sweet-natured person and was just a good laugh.

"But you know, it's something you can't explain, it's just an attraction isn't it, it's just in the air."


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