Chloe Khan was on Snog, Marry, Avoid and it’s AMAZING

Oh. My. God.

Chloe Khan

by Jadie Troy-Pryde |
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Chloe Khan has been hitting the headlines recently thanks to her stint in the Celebrity Big Brother house. While she was stuck in task hell, she fought with Renee Graziano, had her 'secret' marriage exposed in the outside world and started up a full-on lovefest with Stephen Bear].

But before she was Chloe Khan, and before she was Chloe Victoria singing Shakira on The X Factor, she was Chloe Mafia on one of our FAVE shows, Snog Marry Avoid.

And it's quite possibly the best thing we've ever seen.

Recognise this woman?

Chloe Khan

It's quite easy to forget what the Leeds lass looked like before she made the move to the USA and got a boob job, lip fillers and a badass eyebrow slit, but the girl prancing around in her bedroom slathering herself in fake tan and wearing head-to-toe Burberry is light years away from the Chloe we came to know this summer.

AND we completely forgot how stern Pod was.

Chloe's outfit choices are – achem – questionable, but she's literally having the most fun during her night out and still has that DGAF attitude that made her so resilient in the CBB house.

Chloe Khan

And how cute is baby Destiny with her little pineapple 'do?! She's totally got us reminiscing about when we used to be able to pull off that hairstyle.

Destiny even gets a 'babe under' from Pod because Chloe's love for pink velour trackies is so deep that she makes the bubba wear them too.

Chloe Khan

It's left us with SO many questions. Like, does she still have the 'I am nasty' tattoo? What happened to that gold bikini? And where did she get the cat ears? (We love them)

All we can say is she looked SO good at the end. But just not quite like the Chloe we all know.

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